crypt of the everflame

Day 3 Part 2

The party excitedly piled into the small room, shoulder to shoulder as they popped open the first chest and grabbed a bunch of goodies! There was a fair amount of gold, gemstones, a potion, and other shiny things.


They happily turned to open the second chest and found out that mimics exist!


Oreo got the worst of it as he was the closest and had opened the chest. The mimic covered him in adhesive saliva, rooting him to the floor and took a giant bite out of his side, resulting in a geyser of blood flowing freely out of the wound and rendering him unconscious. The rest of the party reacted quickly to escape the room and attempt to grab Oreo on the way out. Unfortunately, Bakery also got caught as he was trying to leave, a large bite was taken out of his hind leg and he also got covered in the glue spit. after a frantic team effort to pull the trapped victims of the mimic out of the glue, the party was able to safely make it outside of the room.

Bakery and Oreo were in critical condition and fading fast due to blood loss. Gnomad was able to stabilize Bakery with his knowledge of healing. The rest of the party did what they could for Oreo, Hank pulled out the potion they had found in the first chest, a thick, milky white substance, and attempted to get it into Oreo’s mouth (it was a very messy procedure, some of it dribbled down his chin, there was some in his eye, his hair, really it ended up in an overall spraying of several ropes of potion in Oreo’s unconscious face…). Unfortunately, the potion didn’t have any noticeable effects and so the group had to use their knowledge of first aid to stabilize him, and then rely on Jameer’s healing ability to get him back on his feet. Once Oreo was conscious again, and after commenting on how sticky his face felt, he has able to use a proximity healing effect that cured the wounds both he and Bakery had received, in addition to ridding the party of the various cuts and bruises they had accrued that day.

Feeling refreshed, yet wary after their brush with death, the party resumed their trek through the crypt, attempting to locate the everflame.

Day 3 Part 1
Where they meet Oreo and Swanson

The group emerged from the supply closet and discovered the remains of Roldare, tooth marks and claw marks on his bones confirmed their suspicions that he had been devoured the previous night. Thorgrun searched through the gore looking for anything valuable, but found that all that remained were tattered clothing and rope scraps along with some gnawed upon viscera/ red fleshy goop that was stuck to the bones.

They heard sounds of conversation coming from the nearby room where they had slain the giant beetle. Thorgrun decided to approach the source of the noise by sprinting into the room and loudly asking “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THIS CRYPT??” A half-elf Cleric with a heavy cockney accent named Orianus immediately answered that question by lobbing a barrage of his own words and questions back at the hostile dwarf, spurring a back and forth bickering that would have suggested that the two were jilted ex-lovers.

After cautiously sending Bakery in to investigate, Gnomad the rest of the group followed suit and decided to approach the new arrivals. Among the new arrivals were the aforementioned Half-Elf cleric- nicknamed Oreo, a quiet yet luxuriously mustachio’d dwarven ranger named Swanson, and a travelling elven tinker with bloodshot eyes named Bernie.

After a wary introduction (throughout which the bickering/flirting between Thorgrun and Oreo provided a nice, steady backdrop), The group learned that the new additions had discovered the Crypt through a tunnel they had found, most likely created by the giant beetle who had chosen to make that room into a den. Also, Bernie, made a quick sales pitch but was clearly uncomfortable inside of the crypt, attempting to make a quick sale and then get back on his way to the town of Kassen.

Among the goods that Bernie was offering were:

- A silvery cloak that would flap and furl in a non-existent wind every so often:

- 2 bottles of a grayish liquid:

- 2 bottles of a cloudy, misty liquid:

- An assortment of various strains of Elf root

Thorgrun, Gnomad, and Zirul were intrigued by the cloak and the gray bottles. With the help of Oreo, they cut a deal to trade a crossbow (the one they had taken from Roldare just before his untimely demise) and 25 gold pieces for the 3 items. To seal the deal, Bernie shared some goofy boots with Gnomad before taking off, back through the tunnel and on his way to Kassen.

The party relayed their quest to the newcomers, and due to a feeling that the quest to retrieve the Everflame was turning out to be a little more difficult/dangeruos than they originally expected, solicited the two to join their party and help with their adventure. Both Swanson and Oreo accepted the invitation and offered to help see the quest through.

The group discovered a large room containing a burning pyre which filled the entire area with smoke. They entered the room briefly, but were overcome by coughing fits and had to leave.

After running into a dead end caused by what looked like a collapsed ceiling, the group backtracked and began exploring the western side of the crypt. They passed back through the entryway, stepping over the bones from their previous battle and discovered an enclosed area with a crystal clear pool being fed by a fountain/statue engraved into the stone wall.


When they looked into the pool, they could clearly see what looked like one thousand silver keys at the bottom.


Gnomad could sense that one of the keys was giving off an aura of magic and so enlisted the help of Thorgrun, Grimryk, and Swanson to tie a rope around him so he could dive down and inspect/grab the key. The pool was much deeper than he had anticipated, and he had to light his belt buckle in order to see past a certain point. Oreo also helped out by tossing a lit rock into the pool, which allowed Gnomad to see that something was in the pool with him as it disturbed the path of the lighted rock while it sank.

Gnomad felt something brush against his leg as he descended to the depths of the pool, quickly locating and snatching the key giving off a magic signature and then tugging on the rope. As soon as they felt the tugging on the line, Thorgrun, Grimryk, Hank, and whoever else could grab the rope began heaving Gnomad out of the pool. During his rapid ascent, Gnomad narrowly sensed an attack by the other inhabitant of the pool and just barely twisted his body out of the way of a large, many-toothed maw closing its jaws in the space where he had just been…


After pulling Gnomad safely out of the pool just in time, the group decided to scout two of the three doors leading out of the room. Through the first door, they found a small room with a bench surrounded by a faded mural carved into the walls surrounding them. Jameer inspected the mural and found that it depicted the battle between Ekat Kassen and Asar Vergas’s bandits. He also noticed that both Kassen and Vergas were wearing gold pendants that looked to have a relief carved into them that looked to hold some sort of amulet or gem but that they were empty, no gems to be found.

Through the second door, Swanson couldn’t see much from the opening, so he had Oreo light his carpentry hammer up before he flung it towards the wall blocking his view and rebounding it into the dark beyond. He discovered a long, dark hallway flanked on either side by several tall statues. He looked a little closer at the statues and noticed that they were each holding a very large blade, yet the ones closest to him that he could see seemed to be covered in some sort of cloth.


While the group was spread out searching the pool room and inspecting the dark statue-filled hallway, Zirul opted to head back through the mural room to the small hallway containing a door on the far side. Zirul opened the door and saw a large circular room a door on 3 of the sides, 2 of which were locked but otherwise empty except for a giant stone pillar in the center of the room, touching both the floor and the ceiling. As he stepped through to get a closer look, he immediately heard a click as a pressure plate was triggered below his feet and a thud as the door swung shut behind him. Seeing the door close on it’s own, Jameer, Gnomad, and Bakery all piled into the room to investigate (each stepping on the pressure plate near the entryway), with Zirul heading back to the door and holding it open in case they needed to leave.

Jameer walked up and inspected the pillar, finding that it was covered top to bottom with a weaving pattern of small vertical holes. About a minute after they had entered the room, the giant pillar in the middle of the room made a grinding, tearing noise as it began to slowly rotate. The rest of the group in the previous couple of rooms heard the stone pillar and began heading back towards the noise to find out what had happened.

Jameer figured out the purpose of the small slits on the pillar just a hair too late as the rotating pillar abruptly began firing a constant barrage of arrows out of said openings at every angle, blanketing the room from the ceiling to the floor in a barrage of arrows. Jameer, Gnomad, and Bakery each were instantly dropped by the sudden blast of multiple arrows, which luckily happened to be blunted, only knocking them out cold as they turned to flee the room.

(Sort of like the arrow part in this video, except, you know, hitting them in the face and crotch regions and knocking them the FUCK OUT!)

Zirul deftly grabbed Gnomad, who was close enough to the door to allow him to grab onto his slumped form, pulling him into the relative safety of the hallway before Thorgrun came barreling down the hallway at a dead sprint, bushy red beard wildly flowing behind him (his bearded lover would have gasped at the sight). Thorgrun darted into the room, with Zirul opening and closing the door as needed (using it as a shield for the constant wall of flying arrows), and hefted the limp badger onto his shoulder before sprinting back out of the room, taking several arrows on both his front and backside. Hank also rushed down the hallway and into the room, dodging and weaving through the flying arrows like a graceful swan. Somehow, he used flatulence to propel and adjust his hips as necessary to avoid all arrows, grab Jameer, and escape back out of the room….in and out like a fart’s shadow. As soon as the trio of injured companions were clear of the room, Zirul slammed the door shut again, a steady thudding of arrows continuing to pound against the opposite side.

The group took a breather, collected their thoughts, and applied some healing/first aid to the badly injured gnome, halfling, and badger. After resting a bit, they pushed on. Thorgrun opened the third and final door of the key/pool room.

The door opened to reveal a large pyramid-like pedestal with steps leading up to the top. At the top of the pyramid stood a waist-high pedestal with a single button on it. The group began to file in and check the room out, with Zirul, Grimryk, and Oreo hanging back outside of the new room and keeping an eye out for anything coming from the rear. Swanson’s eyes lit up when he saw the button, and he made a beeline straight for it, definitively bringing his hand down to press it.


As soon as the button was pressed; both the entry and exit doors slammed shut, splitting the group, a steady rumbling/grinding metal and stone machinery sound began to rumble and grow in the walls around them, and a runic display appeared on the wall – which appeared to be a countdown from Twenty. The rumbling grew louder and louder as the time display neared the end, and the group frantically ran around checking the corners of the room, checking the pyramid, looking for anything out of the ordinary. The party couldn’t find anything significant where they were looking and allowed the timer to hit 0. A slow hiss filled the room followed by a click, and both of the doors swung open allowing the three outside to rejoin the others and revealing a path forward from the current room.

The group chose to walk through the newly opened door, into a pitch black room. Thorgrun and Swanson cautiously stepped into the room, finding a short angled corridor which led into a larger opening, every corner of which was covered in large spiderwebs…


Walking further into the room, they heard a hissing noise coming from overhead. Looking up, they saw that the ceiling was also covered in thick, large webbing.


Thorgrun called out to Oreo to come in and beseech Sarenrae to help burn the webbing away. Oreo walked in and began to cast a great gout of flame up at the ceiling just as a giant spider was descending to attack.


The group found that 2 giant spiders had made their nest in the area and they were being very territorial. The group filed into the room to try to get at the two massive arachnids, hacking, slashing, punching, and shooting anything that looked like a spindly leg. The flames spread across the ceiling, with flaming webbing intermittently falling down on top of the combatants, burning holes in their armor/clothing. The party dispatched the giant spiders fairly quickly and continued south through through an exit to a small alcove where there stood two chests.

Night #3
Where they meet Roldare

The group heard sounds of distress coming from a certain direction in the crypt and decided to follow them. The first door they went through led them to a room with open pits scattered throughout. Hank, Thorgrun, and Grimryk led the way into the room and Hank found a button on the sides of one of the pits, which transformed the pits into columns when pressed, cutting off the group’s visibility of the room.


Grimryk discovered that there were false tiles on the floor that were rigged to drop someone standing on them into a pit. However, the pits themselves were stuffed with pillows – more proof of Grimscar’s earlier proclamation that the quest to retrieve the Everflame may not be as dangerous as they thought? The group found several of these traps in the room, with Gnomad eschewing a cautious approach and sprinting around, triggering traps and finding 3 chains located on the walls of three different alcoves. When these three chains were pulled and held (after cutting their rope up and using the columns to rig up a way to hold all the chains at the same time), a heavy door lifted, allowing them to progress further towards the sounds of distress.

The group traveled down a split hallway towards the muffled wailing until they located the source coming from behind a certain door. The group made contact with the entity behind the door, eventually bargaining their way in by making it clear that they were all from Kassen and slipping the dirty orc pictures Thorgrun had found in Grimscar’s house under the door.


They entered the room to find that it was a supply closet and the source of the sounds they had followed was a disturbed little man named Roldare wailing about the undead and his sister. The group briefly attempted to console him before Throgrun got impatient and attempted to intimidate the shaken and clearly unstable man holding a crossbow into calming down and giving them straight information.


When yanking the crossbow out of Roldare’s hands and attempting to intimidate him didn’t do anything other than increase his agitation and incoherent ramblings, the group pulled Thorgrun back and Jameer took some time calming the man down enough to talk to them. It was difficult to understand the disturbed ramblings, but the group deciphered that he had been one of a group of villagers from Kassen who came out to prepare the crypt for their journey to retrieve the everflame. He also kept repeating something about his sister being taken by “the dead one who speaks”.

The group was discussing how they could bed down in the supply closet and barricade the door when Thorgrun became convinced that Roldare was holding a key to the room in his pocket. Rather than approach with subtlety, Thorgrun attempted to manhandle the clearly unstable person, going through his pockets to try to find a key. When the dwarf came after him and grabbed him, something inside of Roldare’s fragile mind snapped – he brandished a small dagger and wildly began attacking anything and everything around him.

The adventurers were split in what to do with the poor man, Zirul, who was in the hallway, shook his head at the ruckus and refrained from entering the fray. Jameer watched and stayed towards the back of the cramped room, allowing Thorgrun to try to clean up the mess he had created. Hank stepped forward to knock the crazed attacker out with a quick disabling punch, Gnomad sent Bakery forward to bite the flailing man, and Grimryk stepped in when he heard the commotion and attempted to control the situation by grappling with Roldare.


Grimryk subdued Roldare, holding his arms out so that he couldn’t do any more damage with the knife after slashing at Thorgrun a couple times. Thorgrun then disabled the immobile simpleton by grabbing the wrist with the knife and squeezing until he heard a popping sound and the dagger dropped free, clattering to the ground. The crazed man was now shrieking from both pain and general insanity, so the group had to use their rope to bound him and then gag him with a spare bit of cloth.

After searching Roldare’s body for a key and finding none, Thorgrun suggested the group still bed down in the closet, and just barricade the door like Roldare had. The group agreed to spend the third night in the defensible room but first they wanted to check out the hallway/room directly outside to ensure that they weren’t ambushed by anything nasty in the middle of the night. They left Roldare tied up in the corner, whimpering and went to check out the nearest room.

It was fortunate that they did decide to check the area out because they found a giant beetle rolling what looked like yet another corpse towards it’s nest in the corner of the room (more illusions?). The group battled and slayed the giant creature, taking care to avoid as much of the acidic breath as they could. When inspecting the corpse of the beetle, they found that it was loaded down with eggs which explained the large rotted nest being built in the corner of the room. Jameer remembered reading about these creatures and was fairly confident that the eggs would decay on their own now that the mother had been killed and that they would pose no danger to them sleeping in a nearby room. After healing their wounds, they went back to the supply closet to bed down for the night.

They barricaded the door, and they decided to all sleep without a watch. The problem, however, was a mentally broken Roldare, still tied up in the corner of the room. The traumatized man was still shrieking through the gag every once in a while – whether due to his broken wrist, his mental illness, or some combination of both. Thorgrun was tired and unwilling to discuss a solution to the problem other than setting the nuisance outside the door where the noise would be muffled enough for them to sleep through. He convinced the rest of the group that this would be the optimal solution – helping both Zirul and Jameer morally justify the decision by assuring them that he would be safe through the night.

The group set the tied-up Roldare outside the door, re-barricaded the door, and went to sleep without posting a watch. in the middle of the night, a couple of group members awoke to the sounds of muffled shrieking and screaming coming through the door, but they were soft enough for them to cover their heads with a pillow and go back to sleep.

In the morning, the group emerged from the supply closet to find a mangled mess of remains and rope scraps sprayed around the area they had left the bound and disturbed Roldare. They inspected what was left of the bones and found a lot of tooth and claw marks, suggesting that the poor simple man had been eaten alive while they slept.


Day #3
Where they meet Hank and reach the Crypt

Travelling on the third day was quick and easy, again thanks to Gnomad and Bakery’s excellent Survival skills.

Around midday, the group came upon a corpse next to The Gray Lake. They inspected the body and found that very large teeth were the cause of death, also noticing tracks leading the the water’s edge. After carefully putting some distance between the body and the shoreline, the group took a moment to really look over the corpse. They determined that the corpse was not from Kassen, as Jameer pointed out that the coin he had on him was newly minted from the capital city of Tamran; they bore the likeness of Forest Marshal Gavirk, nominal leader of Nirmathas. Gnomad surmised that the man had been dead for a couple of months from the state of decompisition. Gnomad and Bakery also spotted a trail near body, which the group followed (carefully giving The Gray Lake plenty of space so as not to disturb whatever killed the man) to an abandoned campsite that looked like it hadn’t been used in months.


The group made good time back on the trail to The Crypt of the Everflame, reaching a steep hillside just as it was beginning to rain. The majority of the group made it down the treacherous slope (known as Serpent’s Gorge) with little to no trouble after tying off a couple of ropes to help navigate the treacherous cliff. However, Grimryk, the stout dwarf, was bested by the slick muddy terrain and lost his footing, tumbling down the majority of the way to the bottom.


After recovering, the group was finally approached by their late arrival – Hank Punchbody, a human monk who had gotten off work late. After a brief introduction, they made their way to the entrance to The Crypt of the Everflame.


Upon reaching the entrance, the party discovered the very real corpses of a couple of horses, which were either an illusion to go along with the “orcs” the party had fought earlier, or something had happened. They thoroughly inspected the area and found that the animals were killed from slashing wounds. They also discovered crushed, ancient bones and an aged weapon under the body of one of the horses. The party cautiously entered the crypt, weapons drawn.


When entering the crypt, there looked to be a pile of fresh human corpses in the middle of the large entryway, again either a convincing illusion/planted evidence, or a sign that something terrible had happened. As the group walked further inside, they saw six spooky scary skeletons (.mp3) assemble and attempt to ambush them! However, they were prepared for the attack, and the animated bones were no match for the fists of Hank Punchbody who unleashed his pent up frustration from work and punched many of the attacking skelingtons into dust.


Night #2
Where a wolf gets a full belly


The group camped in an area surrounded by dense brush on three sides, with a tree in the middle of the only open side. They built a fire, ate their fill, spread some caltrops around the base of the tree, and chose to set up a single sentry to watch on a rotation of two hours.


5 hours into the night, Grimryk was on watch, and he began to hear a howling in the distance. He attempted to spot the creatures making that noise but couldn’t get a good vantage point.

An hour later, Grimryk heard sounds of a creature near the campsite but couldn’t see anything, so he woke up Zirul (who was sleeping in the branches of the tree) to see if there anything near the camp since he had a higher vantage point, mentioning that he had heard howling earlier that night. They indeed spotted a solitary wolf standing near the edge of the campsite.

(So Cuddly)

With a squeal of delight, Zirul immediately grabbed a couple of days’ rations out of Hank Punchbody’s pack, which they had carried along with them when they departed from Kassen. The wolf wolfed down a day’s worth of rations, distending its belly, but rebuffed Zirul’s attempts at becoming friends and trotted away. A dejected Zirul scooped up the rations (now complete with extra grass, dirt, and general debris) and replaced them in Hank’s pack.

Day #2
Where the group begins the quest

The group had a couple of free hours the morning before they set out from Kassen to return the Everflame.

That morning, Jameer and Zirul stopped in to Grimscar’s house to pay him a visit and try to find out some more information on their upcoming quest. The plan was to trade a small bottle of high quality whisky (obtained the night before from Trelvar Silvers) for some information. However, when Grimscar’s door opened, Zirul got a little flustered and ended up having the bottle taken from his grasp, chugged, and then the empty bottle tossed at his feet. Zirul watched as Grimscar shut the door in his face.

Jameer and Zirul then made a quick trip back to The Seven Silvers to to grab another bottle to try again. The second time, they used the bottle of whisky to successfully barter information out of Grimscar pertaining to the Everflame quest they were about to embark on. They discovered that everything may not be as it seems while at the crypt, as Grimscar seemed to think that the majority of challenges he faced years ago were set up by villagers including fights against illusory monsters conjured by Holgast.

The group reconvened before heading to the town square at the allotted time and Jameer shared the news received from Grimscar earlier. The group heard the tolling of the town’s cathedral bells, signifying the beginning of their quest to retrieve the Everflame. With a backdrop of empty streets and the only sound being the tolling cathedral bells, the town’s residents began to approach the group of young adventurers. Dressed in black robes, the townsfolk surrounded the group, solemnly chanting an ancient Kassen proverb signifying the end of the fall harvest. After a speech from Mayor Jonark Uptal and a run-in with a blind town elder, the Adventurers were given supplies and The Lantern of Kassen and sent on their way.

After a couple of hours of traveling, the group encountered a fallen log across their path. When they inspected it, they were ambushed by a band of 4 orcs.

Zirul immediately planted an arrow deep in the center of one of the Orc’s foreheads. Thorgrun saw that once he did so, the orc vanished in a puff of mist, which confirmed his suspicions that these Orcs were in fact illusory. He quickly told the others that they were in no danger and to try to shake the spell off, see through the illusions. Most of the party were able to do just that, but Jameer in particular was hit pretty hard by the spell and he had a rough time convincing himself that the orcs and the wounds he was taking were all in his mind. After the group was able to shake off the spell and recognize the illusions for what they were, they heard a crack and went to investigate a tree near the site of their battle. They found evidence that Holgast had been there, giving some merit to the information they had received from Grimscar earlier that day.

With Gnomad and Bakery’s excellent survival skills, the party made good time during their travel on day one and found a nice campsite to bed down for the night.

The Beginning
"Where the Group has a run in with GrimScar"

The group of Adventurers from Kassen began their journey at the Seven Silvers Inn and Tavern.

The group met up at the Tavern, the roster incluided:
- Thorgrun, a dwarven Barbarian of questionable intelligence and morals.
- Grimryk, a dwarven fighter who has a taste for the drink.
- Zirul, a half-elf ranger who desperately wants a puppy.
- Gnomad, a gnomish druid who rides around on his badger companion, Bakery
- Jameer, a halfing bard who wears thick trousers on account of the grass tickling his balls.

Conspicuously absent from this initial meetup was Hank Punchbody, a sleepy monk who ignores his alarm clock.

Thorgrun and his mentor, Braggar Ironhame had apparently gotten a head start on the rest of the group, as Thorgrun splashed around more ale than he had gotten in his stomach, which was a considerable amount… Thorgrun introduced himself to the group by knocking over a set of drums and throwing his half full mug across the table. Zirul got the worst of it, a large stain right on the crotch of his trousers, which after some hasty dabbing, was thoroughly dried enough to not cause many of the patrons of the Tavern to notice.

Thorgrun was not the loudest nor the drunkest customer of Trelvar Silvers that night. That honor belonged to a half-orc treecutter named Grimscar. Grimscar, a local drunken pain in the ass, gave the group a hard time and began to get a little out of hand. Trelvar enlisted the help of Grimryk to slip Grimscar some whisky that had properties to put Grimscar out of commission for the night. Grimryk and Thorgrun got him to drink the Saffron-based Whisky which immediately dropped the big oaf like a sack of potatoes.

Thorgrun and Grimryk dragged the treecutter’s body back to his house (also, taking a quick look around and finding some dirty half-orc pictures, perhaps similar to this – OrcBooty.jpg
before returning to the tavern to finish the night.

Thorgrun capped off an interesting night by going home with this beautiful dwarf lady.
Luckily, he contracted no diseases, nor did he create any Children, though I do believe they tied their beards together and looked each other in the eyes for part of it.


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