crypt of the everflame

Day 3 Part 2

The party excitedly piled into the small room, shoulder to shoulder as they popped open the first chest and grabbed a bunch of goodies! There was a fair amount of gold, gemstones, a potion, and other shiny things.


They happily turned to open the second chest and found out that mimics exist!


Oreo got the worst of it as he was the closest and had opened the chest. The mimic covered him in adhesive saliva, rooting him to the floor and took a giant bite out of his side, resulting in a geyser of blood flowing freely out of the wound and rendering him unconscious. The rest of the party reacted quickly to escape the room and attempt to grab Oreo on the way out. Unfortunately, Bakery also got caught as he was trying to leave, a large bite was taken out of his hind leg and he also got covered in the glue spit. after a frantic team effort to pull the trapped victims of the mimic out of the glue, the party was able to safely make it outside of the room.

Bakery and Oreo were in critical condition and fading fast due to blood loss. Gnomad was able to stabilize Bakery with his knowledge of healing. The rest of the party did what they could for Oreo, Hank pulled out the potion they had found in the first chest, a thick, milky white substance, and attempted to get it into Oreo’s mouth (it was a very messy procedure, some of it dribbled down his chin, there was some in his eye, his hair, really it ended up in an overall spraying of several ropes of potion in Oreo’s unconscious face…). Unfortunately, the potion didn’t have any noticeable effects and so the group had to use their knowledge of first aid to stabilize him, and then rely on Jameer’s healing ability to get him back on his feet. Once Oreo was conscious again, and after commenting on how sticky his face felt, he has able to use a proximity healing effect that cured the wounds both he and Bakery had received, in addition to ridding the party of the various cuts and bruises they had accrued that day.

Feeling refreshed, yet wary after their brush with death, the party resumed their trek through the crypt, attempting to locate the everflame.


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